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Water Challenges

Supporting agricultural, residential, industrial and infrastructure applications.


WaterInsight provides water resource and hydrological services for a range of residential, agricultural, industrial and infrastructure applications.

Our expertise focus on investigating the movement, distribution, and management of water including urban water management, wastewater management, environmental protection and flood and drainage management.

WaterInsight is dedicated to simplifying and solving complex water challenges, in an efficient, practical and cost effective manner. 

About Us

After more than 20 years of working in the public and private sector in both Western Australia and overseas, Kelly Lavell founded WaterInsight with the aim of providing specialist solutions and strategic advice to her clients to assist with solving complex water related challenges.

Combining in depth local knowledge, established relationships and global experience allows Kelly to provide reliable advice and solutions needed to navigate the often-difficult water management and landuse planning approval processes.

Kelly is regarded as a leader in the field of hydrology and management of water and water quality in Western Australia. Prior to forming WaterInsight, Kelly was the Principal Hydrologist and water team leader at several of Western Australia’s leading consultancies and held roles with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and Department of Agriculture WA. Due to this previous experience, Kelly can quickly and accurately scope projects and appropriately advise clients on the best solutions and course of action needed to obtain efficient project approvals.

In addition, Kelly moved to England in her late 20’s to advance her skills in the areas of flood risk assessment, flood modelling and drainage design.  While working in England, Kelly had the opportunity to work on many unique projects including various flood mitigation projects, the London 2012 Olympics, Tottenham Hotspurs football stadium and the Dubai indoor ski centre.

Kelly is an active member in the water industry and enjoys working with universities and being a member of various committees including the UDIA – Urban Water Committee and the Australian Water Association (WA Branch).

Proud committee member of the following associations:

Giving the right advice

WaterInsight's point of difference is we focus on providing high quality, accurate and timely advice to meet our clients needs and expectations.

Our technical expertise, established relationships, in depth knowledge of water policy and legislation and positive reputation means we deliver a professional and reliable service to all projects large or small.

Collaborating with experts

Water is a fundamental component of life which is facing unprecedented challenges including water scarcity, climate change, population growth and ageing infrastructure.

WaterInsight is able to deliver personalised, practical solutions that represent best practice and value for money as we can collaborate with other specialist sub consultants when required to deliver effective integrated outcomes to benefit our clients.

This ethos of teamwork and partnerships is important as the best minds and relationships are needed to tackle the many challenges facing the water industry.

Our Services

WaterInsight has extensive experience in the delivery of the Better Urban Water Management guidelines including writing District Water Management Strategies, Local Water Management Strategies and Urban Water Management Plans to support the various stages of landuse planning.

Kelly is one of Western Australia’s most experienced and respected consultants in urban water management has been the principal hydrologist on many of the states established land developments including;

Elizabeth Quay, Austin Cove, Eden Beach Estate, Whiteman Edge, Mangles Bay Marina, Cockburn Central West, Kemerton Industrial Park, Anketell Strategic Industrial Area.

WaterInsights extensive experience and established relationships with state and local government regulators means clients can be advised on the best course of action in respect to navigating the complex urban water approval processes.

WaterInsight provides strategic planning and land use services to identify the potential impacts an agricultural development may have on the environment.

We complete environmental monitoring and reporting for regulatory and compliance monitoring whether for a new facility, or an expansion or upgrade to meet environmental regulations.

To support our farmers and agricultural processors, we complete

– Annual compliance reporting
– Soil sampling and laboratory analysis
– Surface water and groundwater monitoring
– Nutrient Irrigation Management Plans
– Water and nutrient balances
– Recycled Water Quality Management Plans

The recently released Government Sewerage Policy requires developments which are not able to connect to a reticulated sewerage network, and require an onsite wastewater management system, to prepare a Site and Soil Evaluation to demonstrate the site can provide a wastewater management system which does not impact the environment or public health.

WaterInsight has extensive experience at preparing Site and Soil Evaluations for the tourism, agricultural and land development industries.

Water monitoring is critical to advise how best to manage and protect our water resources. Managing water quality and quantity is essential to protecting our:

– Cultural and spiritual values
– Recreational activities, including swimming, fishing and boating
– Environmental values
– Drinking water supplies
– Irrigation and farming industries

WaterInsight is capable of developing and completing water monitoring and field investigation for baseline, predevelopment studies, to detect impacts a development may be having to the environment or for compliance purposes.

WaterInsight can efficiently assess a project for due diligence or assist with scoping the required water investigations and approvals needed to progress a project.

WaterInsight has well established relationships with state and local government departments and can liase with these agencies to resolve outstanding comments or issues to obtain the necessary planning approvals.

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